Monday, 18 June 2012

My dad, a minimalist? Just maybe.

I think it's a good time to post this as it was fathers day yesterday and therefore links in. I've been putting together this little essay for a couple of days. Tweaking it and coming back to it etc. My first real post on the new blog, please enjoy and let me know what you think! The comments section is open to you for criticism:

I believe it is obvious that minimalism has become one of my key focuses as of late and once again, I discussed my latest ‘focus’ with my old man. He’s got used to me banging on at him about pointless philosophies and ideas that I come across when I spend hours in front of the computer. The common consensus for these conversations is for him to politely nod his head and say yes, many people are familiar with this action when they are conversing with someone and they aren’t in the slightest bit interested.

However this all changed… My dad had come home from playing football on Thursday night and as we sat in front of the television and I told him about the latest idea that I’d come across - Minimalism. I went on to explain the blog I’d discovered and talked to him about all the ideas in which it held. Such as us collecting and hoarding those things we don’t need and how we seem to strive to buy expensive cars, gadgets and houses when really we have no need for any of it. To my surprise he replied with, ‘They’re right, I completely understand’. Not a day later we were sat in the pub watching England play Sweden and a friend of ours who is a plastered was showing us a picture of a 5million pound house that he did a job on. To which my dad replied ‘I don’t see the need in the house that big’ and when on to point out how there are more rooms than occupants, wasted space etc!

This got me thinking and every time I could recall where people talked about spending lots of money on clothes, cars or even houses. My Dad replied in the same way that a minimalist was. Now I could understand why he agreed with me so much. I’ve come to a conclusion that my dad has been a minimalist all this time. I just game him the words to describe himself. This is good news, this way somebody supports and understands my decision to clean out all of my room etc.

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