Saturday, 16 June 2012

New start.

It is good to see that I did not delete this blog in a foul temper like I do with most blogs I start. This one has remained constant and true and has not seen that side of me which gives up at the first hurdle.

This new start for my blog will contain me trying to do two or three short essays a week on anything I see fit. However minimalism will be a recurring theme as it has influence the way that I see and understand different things. It has also changed my attitude towards the things I own and society itself. This blog is me trying to become a better writer. I will also write about how I am trying to improve my life for the better. If you're lucky it may also contain some little bits of fiction if I ever get round to writing any.

I did sadly in the temper which I mention early delete my tumblr blog which I was going to use as the foundation for the writing blog but instead changed to here. Sadly I lost 3 - 4 posts which I would of liked to of shared here. However I am in the process of writing the next post in Microsoft word so hopefully I'll get something posted about Tuesday.

Either way, enjoy! And thanks for stopping by.

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